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Interview with Lisbeth from Håbetgården

How many sheep do you have? What kind of sheep do you have?

We have 26 sheep and 4 rams. They are Gotland sheep.

Since when do you have sheep?

We have sheep since 2000, for 23 years.


Why do you have sheep?

Sheep are great animals to work with. They are very trusting and friendly. Sheep are grazing animals, which with the right management can help to capture carbon in the soil, improve the soil health and increases the ability of the earth to store water. Organic farms practice holistic planned grazing to improve the soil health significantly.

Back in time I chose Gotland sheep, since you can use every part of the animal. From the shiny curly-haired skin - which improves the income considerably - to the fine grey wool which can be made to beautiful yarn. Not to mention their meat which tastes fantastic and very different from the white sheep usually held for meat.

We have breed our sheep for the best curly-haired skin and today we have one of Denmarks best breeding herd.


How much land can your sheep access?

To Håbetgården belongs 13 hectar of fields (for farming) which our sheep graze on. They also grass on clover fields. 

Do you have a stable for the sheep?

The sheep are shorn in February  and will stay from then on in the stable until they lamb in April. In the beginning of May  all sheep and lambs get out on the fields to enjoy the new-grown gras. 


How often do you shear the sheep per year?

In order to use the wool for yarn making, the sheep are shorn two times a year. 


How much wool do you get per sheep?

Ca. 2 kg per sheep.


What have you usually done with the wool?

We have sold yarn made of the wool in our farm shop for some years. Else was the wool sold to Gleerups Filtsko and Hjelholt Uldspinderi.

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