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About us

We are Favolana

Tristan, Laurits and Tobias

We are not the crazy knitters, but we love nature and grew up with animals. Since we were young, our family had sheep, chickens, pigs, rabbits...and we were raised to use resources carefully and with respect. At some point our mother sent the wool from our sheep to the spinner and knitted with yarn made from our very own sheep. We were wondering, why don't more people use this wonderful wool? When our girlfriends (also knitting) started to use our wool, they questioned where the wool from their usual yarn brands come from. 

Drei junge Männer vor einer weissen Wand

Made in Scandinavia

When we started to look into where the wool for most knitting yarns come from, we could see there is a lack of transparency. Either it is hard to find out where the animal farms are or you will realize that the transport ways are very long from one continent to the other. Additionally, the standards in other countries for sheep farming is not as strict as in European countries.

On the other hand there is thousand of shepherds in Denmark. Some have only a few sheep, some have more. Most of the shepherds keep sheep for their meet and fur, while the wool of the animals is often thrown out, used as natural fertilizer or made to insulating material, even though it is a valuable and great source for high quality yarns.

We want to change this. We want to stop wasting high quality resources, be transparent about the supply chain of our yarns and put the welfare of the animals in focus. We have contact to the shepherds, visit them and pick up the wool ourselves.

The wool is send to local spinners in Scandinavia to keep transport ways short. Our family lives in Aarhus and Sorø, therefore we always arrange pick ups of wool and yarn along with family visits. Below you can see a map with all steps of our supply chain and the profiles of the farms we work with.

At the moment, our Gotland yarn is made mainly with Gotland wool from Danish sheep, but 20% is made from merino wool from Falklandislands sourced through the local spinnery. With our new batch to be spun in summer 2023, we work on achieving a  100% Gotland yarn from danish sheep.

Where our wool comes from

Karte von Dänemark, die. anzeigt wo die Wolle herkommt, wo die Wolle gesponnen wird.

Meet our value chain

Read more about the people and animals behind our yarn.

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