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Får i åbne marker
weisses Schaf


Interview with Bente


How many sheep do you have?

At the moment, we have 8 sheep, 7 young sheep (1 year old) and 5 rams. 

What kind of sheep do you have?

We have Shropshire sheep- also called Juletræsfår (Christmas tree sheep - Shropshire sheep are perfect to graze around trees without causing damage to the trunks). Our daughter has Spælsau sheep.

Since when do you have sheep?

I can't precisely remember since when, I would guess we have had sheep for around 7 to 8 years.

Why do you have sheep?

We have land which needs to mown, but instead we prefer to have sheep grazing.

How much land can your sheep access?

I can't exactly tell how big the area for the sheep is, though it is so big that we can part in 4 to 5 folds for the sheep.

Do you have a stable for the sheep?

We have a stable for the winter. Around new years we get them inside depending on the weather. The past two years, it was snowing in December, meaning we got them inside in December already.

How often do you shear your sheep?

The sheep are sheared once a year, when they get inside the stable. 


How much wool do you get from per sheep?

It is around 5 to 6 bags of wool which we usually discard. 

What did you usually do with the wool?

We have tried once to send it to a spinner and spun it to yarn for knitting, just to try it. I knitted two sweaters and a hat with the yarn, some of the yarn I dyed myself  (acid dye).

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