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Care guide

Here you can find tips how to take care of your favorite yarn and your new favorite knit. These tips are good for the material to last longer and stay in best shape for long time, but safe also resources. The best knits are the ones which last a lifetime.

In a world of disposable fashion, wool items no doubt last a lot longer than other items in your wardrobe. This superior, natural fibre after all unlocks many benefits, one of which is durability.

Wool is extremely easy to take care of. Unlike other fibres, it doesn’t need washing as frequently due to its natural odour resistance, a quality that makes wool items like your favourite jumper last even longer.


How to store your favorite yarn

Your favorite yarn needs to breathe and should therefore not be stored in plastic bags. A controlled climate environment is best for your favorite yarns - not in the hot attic or damp basement. Try also not to expose them to direct sunlight, they might change color. Keep your favorite yarns in a cotton bag in a airy space with no direct sunlight.



How to remove stains

Don’t be afraid to spot-clean every once in a while. If you notice a stain, use a mild detergent or special woolen laundry liquid to gently dab at the stain.  


How to wash your favorite knits

To prevent your wool clothes from becoming rough or misshapen, avoid machine washing wool. For hand-washing, follow these steps: 

  1. Add some mild detergent to clean, lukewarm water

  2. Turn your garment inside out and gently swish it around in the water for about a minute

  3. Let the clothing sit and soak in the water for about 10 minutes 

  4. Remove the garment and empty your vessel of soapy water 

  5. Fill your vessel back up with clean, lukewarm water and swish the clothing around again to wash out any remaining soap 



How to dry your favorite knits

Drying your favorite knits flat will prevent them from stretching. Place a towel over a counter or flat surface and then place your favorite knit on top. Carefully roll the towel up (with the garment inside) to absorb excess moisture. Then, unroll the towel and lay your favorite knit in shape on a new, clean towel to air dry.  Dry the garment at room temperature away from direct sunlight or heat.


How to keep your favorite knits fresh

Since wool is self-cleaning, you can just hang or lay your favorite knits on the fresh air from now and then. The air will moisture your favorite knits and make them fluffy again.



How to store your favorite knits

Since food stains and body oils attract moths, you should ensure your wool garment is clean before packing it away. Your favorite knits should be gently folded and stored in drawers.Try not to expose them to direct sunlight.


How to keep your favorite
knits pilling free

Pilling describes the little bobbles that appear to knits if you rub up against things or knit against knit. To get rid of the pilling, run a wool comb over the area of pilling on your favorite knit. Gently does it. You will end up with satisfying fluffballs on the comb and a pilling-free favorite knit.

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